ZO-SPORTS is a computer program that assists you in creating, managing and running an athletics day, cross country or swimming sports.

What are we?

If you’re reading this there is a pretty good chance you’re one of the many people who donate a large amount of their time to ensure young people get the chance to participate in Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and other sporting events.

Our goal at ZO-SPORTS is to do what we can to provide a tool that will help people to run these large scale events. It has always impressed us the way volunteers and others have handled the stress and pressure of these occasions and we believe they deserve all the support we can possibly give them.

Who are we?

For several years I have worked at trying to develop a system that effectively runs these events while allowing schools and other organisations to retain the culture that has built up around the unique ways they all run their days.

In many ways this was a baling twine and number 8 wire fix. Over the last 12 months my connection to the IT world, ‘T’ (mysterious people these geeks), has taken the system and developed it into something far more efficient and fit for purpose.


Free for NZ Schools… Really?

Definitely! One of our core beliefs is that schools have enough financial and administrative hassle to deal with, and we want to help out where we can. We plan to fund this and further development with a sponsorship model, and all we need from you is your support and most importantly your feedback. 

So, here’s to the start of a great school year, and hopefully a little less hassle for those of you organising sports days!