Want to see how easy ZO-SPORTS is to use? Check out our demonstration videos which cover some of the programs main features.

Demo 1: Create your Tournament

  • Quick to create – make a few choices, give your tournament a name and then we do the rest
  • Easy to customise – you can choose the grades, contests, points… create your own unique events
  • Keep a record of everything – every competitor, every result, ever record; from tournament to tournament, from year to year

Demo 2: Organise the Competitors

  • Simple competitor entry – just copy and paste from your school management system
  • Event entry made easy – enter competitors in events with a mere click of your mouse
  • Multiple access – or delegate the work, give access to house captains/deans etc and they can do it for you
  • Print versions – automatically produces Excel versions for you to print out

Demo 3: Run your Tournament

  • Print versions – automatically produces Event Marshall sheets, recording sheets, competitor wristbands and even House/competitor lists
  • No need for calculators – ZO-SPORTS calculates best results, event records, placings, even the dreaded High Jump count back.
  • Late entries – Aren’t they fun? 😐 Whether it’s adding a new student to the competitor list or adding a competitor to an event, we make it easy
  • Special Events – Every school is unique and we embrace that, so if you have an event that doesn’t fit our mould, you can add them in here
  • Scoreboard – The day is long and full of sport; just enter the event results and ZO-SPORTS will tell you who should be showered with praise.